Building an empire doesn’t take money. It makes you money. But most people associate ownership with cost. While it’s true that nothing in life is free, owning an empire doesn’t require an initial output. You just have to start hustling and earning and see how far you can go. The venture that costs more at the outset is branding yourself. You have to lose those last ten pounds. Your wardrobe needs to be just right. You need to look the part before you can play the part. So, you can start to brand or you can start to build. The only question is when you want to start paying the price.


I’ve been watching the events in Ferguson, Missouri unfold along with the rest of the country over the past few days, and it breaks my heart. The family and that city deserve justice, not tanks in the street and tear gas in their eyes. They deserve to live in love. But I’ll take two small positives from this one big negative. First, there are some people who think that this country no longer suffers from the disease of racism. This is an opportunity to talk about it. Second, this kind of senseless death is happening in our own backyard, and it’s also going on in the Middle East. It may seem like a distant thing when we see the umpteenth report on the Gaza Strip, but the boys that are dying there unjustly are sons too. They all deserve justice, and the peace that will stop something like this.


You are the result of a chemical miracle. Your odds were one in a million long before you were born. You stand at the apex of evolution at a moment in time where we, as a species, have never been more advanced or communicative. And, out of the seven billion people on Earth, you were born an original. Throughout your life you’ll be invited to be more like classmates, friends, lovers, spouses, coworkers, and people of infinitely varied interests. But you were born an original. So don’t die a copy.


As a boss, when you’re looking to hire a new employee, you don’t base their pay on their eye color. Their weight doesn’t have anything to do with it either. What they wear to the interview doesn’t dictate the size of their paycheck. When an employer offers you a dollar amount, unless you’re a model, it’s not based on how you look. Your worth isn’t in the mirror.


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